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Welcome to Our “Get Hooked On Seafood” Blog

Choosing Sustainable Seafood this Spring and Summer

Seafood is a staple throughout the year here in New England but especially in the spring and summer when coastal clam shacks open their doors. Fresh finfish and shellfish are in abundance during this time of year just when we are craving lighter meals made with the sea’s bounty. Concern about contributing to overfishing might have you second guessing whether or not you should stop by Read more...

Pro Tips: What Types of Seafood Should You Buy for a Healthy Diet

If you aren’t a seafood aficionado, it can be hard to feel confident ordering seafood at the fish counter. Whether you want to know what seafood you should avoid to reduce the risk of consuming mercury or which varieties have the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin D, we can help! Our seafood experts at City Fish Market have put together this healthy Read more...

Best Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

Seafood is delicious and easy to prepare. We know that better than anyone else as New England natives. Eating seafood is a way of life here where there is always an abundance of fresh finfish and shellfish.  The many health benefits of regularly eating seafood make us feel even better about putting it on the dinner menu.    Here are the top 8 Read more...