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City Fish wants to stay in touch with you! We value our customers, so here is another way to know what we are up to.  We have  launched a new Text Marketing Campaign! Just Text: City Fish To: 37798 and join our VIP list for Exclusive Offers. You’ll always be the first to know what’s “special” about City Fish…..


  • Surprising Facts & Health Benefits About Fish

    What’s Your School of Thought on Seafood? In the past decade, an extreme focus has been placed on the American diet. As a result, experts have placed an emphasis on the types of foods people must limit to attain a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, the problem of the American diet is twofold: many people eat diets […]

    Less Fish – Higher Prices

    Less Fish – Higher Prices Starting May 1, 2010 new fishing regulations have gone into effect. These sweeping changes have resulted in a major decrease in the catch. At some ports, fish landings have dropped as much as 70%-80%. Fishermen are completely confused and frustrated with these new regulations. Some fishermen say they are afraid […]

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