Drinks That Pair Well With Seafood 

Because red wine is rich in iron and other minerals, combining it with seafood can leave behind a “fishy” aftertaste. That’s why it’s good to become familiar with drinks that pair well with seafood. The well-known pairing of white wine with seafood sums up what many people know about the topic. At City Fish Market, we’re happy to provide helpful tips. That way, you’ll know what seafood recipes go with various beverages. We’ve got the freshest seafood to make the meal a success. The rest is up to you and have no worries! The possibilities are exquisite.

beer and seafood recipes in Glastonbury CTBeer Pairings

Whether you choose light, lagers, pilsners, or other beer options, there are some great seafood pairings. Cleanse the palate with India Pale Ale (IPA) between bites of Crab Legs with Garlic Butter Sauce. The garlic/butter/sweet crab meat combination is also good with Belgian beer. Stout is known to deliciously bring out the brininess in oysters. Try this Grilled Oysters Recipe with Beer Butter. For beer-battered seafood, try this Beer-Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar Aioli recipe.

Sparkling Wine Pairings

The richness of any fried seafood on your plate will be met by refreshing bubbles in sparkling wine. This is the drink to pair with light and heavy batters. Try this Fish Fry recipe if you like an extra crispy batter with your sparkling wine. Serve Crunchy Fried Shrimp with sparkling wine if you are a glutton for praise. Among the drinks that pair well with seafood, sparkling wine is a classic.

Rum and Seafood Pairings

Rum is known as the beverage of sailors and pirates. It only stands to reason that it goes well with anything you pull out of your box of favorite seafood recipes. We frequently add to our list of favorite seafood recipes. Chef John at AllRecipes.com has his best seafood recipes to make your mouth water. Aarrgh, and a bottle of rum will go well with them all, Matie! 

Chardonnay with Lobster Bisque

Traditional French soups, such as French Onion Soup, are highly seasoned and pair perfectly with cooled Chardonnay. This white wine is also the classic drink to pair with this Rich and Creamy Classic Lobster Bisque Recipe

non alcoholic beverages to pair with seafood in milford western ctNon-Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you are a DD (designated driver) or prefer to go with non-alcoholic drinks, we’ve got some recommendations. An Arnold Palmer (iced tea with lemonade) and other citrusy drinks, such as strawberry lemonade, are usually the perfect pairing with seafood. Here’s a point of caution, however: Just don’t go with too much sweetness in the glass because it can overpower the taste of the seafood. Ginger ale, sparkling water, and root beer are carbonated drinks that are lovely with a wide range of seafood recipes. This Classic Shrimp Scampi, to name one.

City Fish Market Has the Fresh Seafood to Pair with The Beverage of Your Choice

What could be more fun for a cook than to plan alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks that pair well with seafood? You can also have fun choosing from the vast selection of fresh seafood at our City Fish Market retail counters. Plan a stop at 884 Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield, CT, when meal-planning. Need delivery? Call us at 860-522-3129 or fill out our online form.

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