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Fresh lobsters for sale in Glastonbury CTYou deserve to enjoy New England’s best lobsters every season of the year. That’s why City Fish Market has a 5,000 gallon lobster pound with an abundance of Maine & Canadian lobsters ranging from 1 pound all the way up to 10 pounds so that you can have fresh lobster all year round.

Maine lobsters come from the cold waters of the North Atlantic. They are America’s favorite crustaceans because of the tender meat in their claws and knuckles along with the juicy, sweet meat in their tail.

You can order the best live Maine lobsters from our huge seafood counter or enjoy freshly cooked lobster in one of our hot or cold lobster rolls. Then relax with your favorite beverage, beer, or wine in our dining room at our location in Wethersfield, CT. If you can't stop by our destination, you can indulge in delicious Maine or Canadian lobster from City Fish Market at one of your local restaurants! Our fleet of signature yellow and black refrigerated trucks deliver our North Atlantic lobsters to many of the finest eateries in Connecticut, Western Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts.

Quality Live Lobsters

Since lobster meat is best when it’s fresh, we sell live lobsters so you can prepare your lobster exactly when you want it, how you like it best: grilled, boiled, or steamed. We offer:

Lobster Quarters (1.25 lbs)

Maine Lobster Quarters weigh between 1.25 and 1.49 pounds. They hit the spot when paired with one or two other sides. If you’re having a lobster bake or making surf ‘n turf, quarters are a great choice.

Lobster Halves (1.5 lbs)

Maine Lobster Halves or 1/2s are the most popular lobsters weighing between 1.5 to 1.99 pounds. These lobsters are the star of a dinner plate and the ideal size for a sumptuous main course.

Lobster Selects (2-3 lbs)

Select Grade Maine Lobsters are beautifully plump weighing between 2 to 3 pounds. These steakhouse-sized lobsters are ideal for special occasions, high-end restaurants, and your favorite Baked Stuff Lobster recipe. Each one can have as much as a 1/2 pound of delectable meat inside!

Lobster Jumbos (3+ lbs)

Jumbo Lobsters (Canadian) weigh more than 3 pounds! These large lobsters are an impressive centerpiece at any party. They’re also fantastic gifts for business associates and seafood fanatics.


The available quantity of each type varies at all times. Give us a call to find out what is available.

cooked lobster wholesale lobsterFreshly Cooked Maine Lobster

When you’re planning a lobster entree that doesn’t include a bib and shell cracker, you can save money and time by ordering freshly cooked lobster. We hand-select a number of our best lobsters to be cooked exactly how our customers want, shucked, and delivered ready-to-eat. Whether you’re planning to make your famous lobster rolls or savory homemade lobster mac ‘n cheese, we can shorten your prep time and provide you with succulent cooked lobster meat for your recipe.

We offer:

  • Regular Lobster Meat (11.3 oz)
  • Broken Meat
  • Claw & Knuckles Meat (CK)
  • Tail-Claw-Knuckles Lobster Meat (TCK)
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