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Retail Fish Market – Fresh Seafood Counter

Our retail fish market is a friendly, fun atmosphere to shop for the freshest seafood products. Our location in Wethersfield Connecticut is the perfect location for a world-class fish market. City Fish Market offers a wide range of fresh fish, shellfish, lobster, crabs, shark, octopus, shrimp, and more, making us a destination seafood market for people throughout Connecticut.

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From fresh New England cod & flounder to tuna, shrimp, and fresh water fish, you’ll find exactly what you need for your favorite seafood recipe. Our great selection of seafood is responsibly harvested from all over the country. You can also find our delicious clam chowder, our famous lobster rolls, and plenty of specialty fish like smoked Norwegian salmon, smoked trout, and herring filet wine & cream.

Our diverse and well-traveled retail customers who love to cook turn to us to provide beautiful pieces of fish, fresh & succulent shellfish, and delectable lobsters that will perfectly complete their meal. You have challenged us to find the freshest and very best seafood out there, and we are here to deliver.

Take a look at some of our most popular items:

Fresh Arctic Char Fillet | Fresh Catfish Fillet |Fresh Cod Fillet | Jumbo King Crab Legs | Fresh Grouper Fillet | Fresh Flounder Fillet | Fresh Greysole Fillet | Fresh Haddock Fillet | Fresh Halibut Fillet | Fresh Cooked Lobster Meat | Fresh Mahi Mahi Fillet | Fresh PEI Mussels | Fresh Red Snapper Fillet | Fresh Salmon Fillet | Fresh Sea Scallops | Fresh Bay Scallops | Sea Bass Fillet | Jumbo Shrimp | Large Shrimp | Medium Shrimp | Fresh Cooked Shrimp | Fresh Little Neck Clams | Fresh Shell Oysters | Fresh Soft Shell Crabs | Fresh Steamer Clams | Fresh Swordfish | Fresh Tilapia Fillet | Fresh Boned Trout | Fresh Tuna Steak | Jumbo Lobsters 6 lb. & larger | 1 1/4 lb. Lobsters | Fresh Cooked Lobsters | Fresh Faroe Island Salmon

If You Don’t See It… ASK!
We are here to help and educate customers with all of their questions.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with find exactly what you need. We’re happy to answer questions and make suggestions based on your personal tastes. Stop by our fresh fish market anytime you are in the area and see why we’ve been the top choice since 1930!

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