Sport Fish from Our Fresh Seafood Market

Fresh sport fish at fish market counter in Middletown CTSport Fish range in taste and texture from the luxurious, buttery flavor of escolar to the robust, fishy flavor of bluefish. What they have in common is that they are beloved by fishermen because of their plentitude and by cooks because of their delicious taste and ease to prepare.

If you’re hesitant about preparing seafood at home, they are ideal to start out with. Each one is easy cook to perfection as long as you keep a watchful eye to ensure it doesn’t overcook and remember that it is best when cooked the day it is bought.

At our large seafood counter in Wethersfield, CT you can order the freshest fillets of sport fish on the east coast. As the seafood supplier for the finest eateries in Connecticut, Block Island, Shoreline, Western Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts, we hold our fish to a high standard of quality and freshness.

fresh tuna from seafood market


The firm texture and mild flavor of tuna are what have made it a staple in almost every American’s diet. Fresh tuna is easy to make at home. The steaks are sold already skinned and, depending on the variety, range in color from a reddish-brown to a light pink. It tastes great with a good Asian marinade or a light brushing of butter and dash of seasoning before throwing it on a grill or baking it.

fresh mahi-mahi

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is a delicious white fish that also goes by the name of dolphin fish. It has a firm, meaty texture and mild sweet taste that pairs well with bold or spicy flavors. Fresh Mahi Mahi is usually light beige or pink and sold either as fillets or steaks. It can be prepared any way you like: poached, steamed, fried, baked or grilled.

mako shark steaks fresh

Mako Shark

If you love swordfish, you will enjoy mako shark. It has a similar taste and texture but it is almost always more moist. Fresh mako is sold as a boneless steak that is easy to cook and tastes great grilled. You can also use it as a substitute when you are in the mood to make your favorite swordfish recipe.

fresh amberjack


All of the fish in the jack family are called amberjack at the fish counter. They all share the same name because of their similarly dense flesh and light, clean flavor. Most varieties have a pale pink flesh and large flakes when cooked. These extra lean fish absorbs spices and marinades well. You can broil, grill, sautée or smoke them. They’re also a great choice for homemade sushi.

opah fish fresh seafood market


Opah, or moonfish, is well loved because it has the density of swordfish and the flakiness of a mackerel. It is a large tropical fish that is usually available in thick steak fillets like a swordfish. The color of fresh opah varies but, when it cooks, it is firm and white. It is ideal for any cooking method from grilling to pan-searing because of its rich, oily flesh. It pairs well with sweet sauces.

redfish fresh


Redfish or red drum is the perfect fish for people who prefer a medium-firm, mildly sweet fish. It is has a similar taste and texture to red snapper. Not as flaky as flounder or dense as shark, it is ideal for many signature fish recipes. Enjoy it fried, grilled, smoked or plank baked.

fresh seafood bluefish


If you are a true fish lover, you must try bluefish! Bluefish dark meat has a distinct, rich flavor and a nice medium density. Raw bluefish might look unappetizing because of its brown color but it turns a silvery white when cooked. The slightly fishy odor it gives off can be neutralized by soaking it in milk beforehand or preparing it with a dash of citrus. It tastes excellent smoked, grilled, broiled or baked. Make sure to cook it on the day you buy it so that it retains is full taste and texture.

fresh sea trout

Weakfish / Sea Trout

You might mistake weakfish or sea trout for salmon at the seafood counter. The raw, odorless meat of this salt water trout can have a deep pinkish color before it’s cooked. It’s clean, light flavor and moist flake have made it a favorite for many picky seafood eaters. Baking and broiling are the best methods for cooking this sought after sport fish because of its fine density.



Escolar is one of the best tasting sport fish with a silky texture like the richest tuna and a buttery taste. It has become one of the most sought after fish because of its luxurious favor. It is also known as butterfish and white tuna. You can prepare it at almost any way you prefer: baked, broiled, grilled, poached or sautéed. It is also perfect for sushi or sashimi. Just be sure not to eat more than 6 ounces. Because of the high oil content, more than 6 ounces can cause gastrointestinal distress. Despite this caveat, this succulent fish may become your next favorite.

Not all varieties of seafood are stocked at all times of the season, please call ahead.

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