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Wholesale seafood in Middletown CTIf you are willing to be adventurous and try something new, you will be rewarded by taste testing any of these delicious, overlooked fish.

Each of these fish has a different flavor profile and texture, what they have in common is that they are all gaining popularity as chefs and seafood lovers rediscover them.

Demand for these fish is increasing in our wholesale market as restaurants from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts, work these great tasting, uncommon fish onto their menus.

At our large seafood counter in Wethersfield, CT you can pick up fish from our freshest catch or try them in our dining room.


boned shad

Boned Shad

If you’re a fan of herring and sardines, you will love their cousin shad. On average, shad weigh around 2 pounds with a generous amount of meat. You will have to work harder than usual to enjoy these fish because of how boney they are but their rich flavor is worth it. It is no surprise that these boney saltwater fish are making a comeback in America’s culinary scene especially since their eggs are a delicacy.

shad roe eggs

Shad Roe

Shad eggs or shad roe are a seasonal delight that many New Englanders look forward to every spring. Unlike caviar, shad roe has a light flavor and is encased in a lobe-shaped membrane. At the seafood counter, it stands out because of its rich red color. This flavorful delicacy is often fried in bacon grease or butter.

silver smelt

Silver Smelts

Silver smelts are small, delicate fish that can be eaten almost whole much like anchovies. These hearty little fish have a much more gentle flavor. You can enjoy them grilled or fried. When you gut and skin them, take care to handle them gently because they do bruise easily.

frozen idaho trout

Idaho Trout

If you are in the mood for a versatile, easy to cook fish, try Idaho rainbow trout. They have a short cooking time and are simple to prepare. These delicious trout from the clear, cold waterways of Idaho have an almost nutty flavor.

monk fish


Monkfish is an incredibly unique fish that has earned the nickname “poor man’s lobster” because it has a sweet, meaty boneless tail. Fresh, raw monkfish is pale gray or off white, much like lobster meat or scallops, and has a bluish membrane over it that should be removed before baking or grilling it.



Corvina is a popular alternative to grouper in South America where it is the preferred fish for ceviches. It is becoming more popular here in the U.S. as more people taste its tender, mildly sweet meat. When you pick it up raw at the seafood counter, it will be a pinkish color. When you cook it, it will turn white and flaky. It is excellent with almost any marinade and can be prepared anyway you prefer: fried, grilled, baked, or broiled.



Fluke is a highly prized catch with its edible skin, finely textured flaky meat and gentle flavor. It is also known as summer flounder because summer is typically the best season to catch it. You can usually purchase fluke whole and in fillets. It is an excellent fish to use to make sashimi. You can also enjoy it baked, broiled, fried or sautéed.



Porgy is a delicious fish that is often overlooked in the U.S. because of its unusual name. It is more popular in Europe where it is called sea bream. Porgies have a similar taste and texture to snapper. It’s mild, sweet meat pairs well with many seasonings. This tender fish is delightful stuffed! The edible skin gets nicely crisp when it is baked.



Fresh Mackerel is almost as easy to prepare at home as it is to enjoy straight out of a can. You don’t have to worry about overcooking it because this rich fish has high levels of heart-healthy fats that hold in its moisture. It is also dense enough to stand up to a grill. The full flavor of mackerel pairs well with acidic sauces such as those made from tomato, citrus or soy.



The mild but unique flavor of grouper makes it a memorable fish for seafood fans. Grouper has big, juicy flakes that are firm and slightly sweet. Since its meat retains moisture better than many other fish, you can cook it at higher temperatures without fear of it drying out. It is at its best when it’s grilled or fried.


Blackfish or Tautog is a popular saltwater fish because of its subtle, sweet flavor. The pure white meat of this fish is wonderful in a New England fish chowder. It is also delicious baked, grilled or broiled. Lean, and firm, it is easy to overcook so be sure to keep an eye on it


Sea Bass

Sea bass has a delicate flavor profile and high oil content that make it melt in your mouth. Whether you steam it, sauté it or broil it, you’ll enjoy large, tender flakes of delectable meat with less worry about it drying out if it is overcooked. When you buy it fresh it, be sure it is translucent and white instead of opaque.

Not all varieties of seafood are stocked at all times of the season, please call ahead.

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