Shellfish & Clams at our Fresh Seafood Market

New England boasts the world’s best shellfish from Maine steamers to Blue Point oysters. You don’t have to go out to enjoy these delicacies of the sea. At City Fish Market, you can pick up fresh live mussels, clams and oysters to make in the comfort of your kitchen. We also offer freshly shucked oysters and clams to use in your favorite recipes.

clams steamers littlenecks oysters mussels available in East Hartford CTIf this is your first time working with shellfish, keep in mind that live mussels, clams and oysters have a short shelf life. Clams and oysters should be prepared within two days. Mussels and cockles are best if they are enjoyed within a week. When you bring them home, be sure to take them out of the bag so that they don’t suffocate. Also, do not soak them in fresh water because it will diminish their taste and kill them. Instead, put them into a bowl that they can breathe in and then place it in the fridge with a wet towel over top until you are ready to cook them.

The best way to tell if your fresh oysters, mussels, or clams are alive is to smell them and look at their shells. Fresh live shellfish have a salty sea water scent and their shells will be entirely closed or just slightly open. If one of them smells foul or is entirely open it means that the mollusk is dead. You should discard any dead shellfish before steaming them or eating them raw because one dead one can taint the taste of a whole batch.

We take our seafood as seriously as you do! Our high standard of freshness and friendly service at City Fish Market have made our location in Wethersfield, CT the go-to seafood market for culinary enthusiasts and the preferred supplier for many of the finest restaurants, hotels and clubs in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Shoreline and Block Island.


blue point oysters

Large Variety of Oysters

Our Oysters arrive from many Cape Cod, Long Island & East Coast cold water harvesters. Select from seasonal favorites at our retail counter. You can enjoy them raw with lemon and pepper, steam them like mussels, or shuck them and fry them in tempura batter.


Maine Steamers

Maine steamers are soft-shell clams that are perfect for your next clam bake! These delicacies harvested in Maine don’t actually have “soft shells” as the name implies. Instead, what makes them different from hard-shell clams is that their shells are never entirely closed because they have a small neckline siphon that protrudes from their shells. Since their shells aren’t tightly closed, they have more sand in them. Soaking them in cold salt water for a few hours or overnight can help get rid of the sand before you steam them.


Hard Shell Clams

These Atlantic clams (also known as quahogs) are beloved because of their sweet, tender meat. With their shells clapped shut, hard-shell clams live off their own juices for longer than soft-shell clams which gives them a slightly longer shelf life and enhances their flavor. Hard shell clams are categorized into different types by their size. The size of these clams is determined by the hinge width or the distance between the highest point of the top and bottom shell. We carry three of the most popular kinds:contain approximately 10 to 16.



The smallest of the bivalves, this is a briny and sweet flavored clam. Perfectly enjoyed by steaming in a flavorful broth.

countneck clams

Count Necks

Delicate with a sweet and salty flavor, count necks are beloved in recipes such as linguine with clam sauce. They are a big favorite in New England and average around 10 to 12 per pound.

little neck clams

Little Necks

A small tender clam that is is very versatile in it's uses. Enjoy them steamed, raw, sauteed, stuffed or in your favorite shellfish dish. There are approximately 7 to 10 clams per pound.

cherrystones clams

Cherrystone Clams

Thick and meaty, cherrystone clams have around a 3 inch hinge width. They are wonderful whether you serve them raw, stuff them, or use them for chowder. Cherrystones will typically run 3 or 4 clams per pound.

quahogs chowder clams


This is our largest clam, just 1 or 2 clams per pound. These are also referred to as "Chowder Clams" because they are most commonly used in clam chowder. They are also perfect to use when making stuffed clams or clam fritters.


Cultivated Mussels

Cultivated mussels are adored for their bold flavor and sustainability. These delectable shellfish are responsibly farmed and taste excellent paired with strong flavors like garlic and curry. They also have a longer shelf life than clams.

shucked clams, oysters and clam strips

Freshly Shucked Shellfish

If you aren’t looking forward to shucking oysters or clams before using them in a recipe or enjoying them on their own, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We offer:

  • Shucked Oysters
  • Shucked Belly Clams
  • Sliced Clams

Not all varieties of seafood are stocked at all times of the season, please call ahead.

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