Farm Raised Fish at Fresh Seafood Market

Fresh farm raised fish available for purchase in Madison CTFarm raised seafood produce quality products on par with catches from the sea. Fish farms can provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of healthy, delicious seafood all year round when they are managed responsibly.

As an extremely environmentally conscious company, we only work with fish farms that have eco-friendly and responsible fishing management practices. You can feel good knowing that you are doing your part to help protect wild fish populations when you pick up farm raised fish and shellfish from our seafood counter in Wethersfield, CT.

There is a reason why City Fish Market is the seafood provider for many of the finest hotels, clubs and restaurants in Connecticut, Block Island, Shoreline, Western Massachusetts, and Western Rhode Island. We are specialists in fine seafood. All of our farmed seafood is held to the same high standard of quality as our wild seafood.

If you have questions about our farmed fish or shellfish, don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff! We love educating our customers and passing along tips on how to best enjoy the sea’s bounty.

fresh farm raised arctic char

Arctic Char

The rich subtle taste of arctic char is similar to its cousin salmon. With a milder taste and more delicate texture, you may even like it more. Farm raised char has cream-colored spots and more reddish skin than wild char. Its delicious meat ranges from a light pink to deep red when it is raw. You can enjoy this sumptuous fish grilled, smoked, or broiled.

fresh catfish fillets


The mild-tasting white meat of catfish tends to have a slightly sweet flavor when it is farmed. While wild catfish act like the garbage disposals of the ocean, most farm raised catfish are fed a vegetarian diet which many feel improves their flavor.

farm raised mussels


Farmed mussels are one of the most ocean-friendly, sustainable seafood options because they are filter feeders which means they actually clean the water where they are located. Since most mussel farmers raise them on ropes that are suspended about the seafloor, they also don’t affect the natural habitat of other fish.

fresh tilapia farm raised


The subtle, clean taste of tilapia is enhanced when it is farmed. This mild fish has the best taste when it is raised in clean water. Since farm raised tilapia has such a muted taste, you can use it as a substitute in almost any white fish recipe whether it calls for rockfish, snapper, grouper or flounder.

fresh farm raised rainbow trout


The mild, nutty flavor of rainbow trout has made it a favorite for many seafood fans. Though the coloring of farm raised trout can vary greatly depending on the environment it was raised in, it has the same great taste that you are familiar with. If this is your first time cooking fish at home, trout it a great choice! Boneless trout fillets are easy to prepare. When you bring the fillets home they are ready to be grilled, fried, or broiled.

salmon at fish market


The rich flavor and tenderness of salmon has made it one of the most sought after fish. Farmed salmon have a slightly milder taste than their wild cousins. When it is raised in clean water, it is just as healthy as wild salmon with an excellent amount of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

farm raised shrimp

Farm Raised Shrimp

Shrimp is the popular seafood in America. Farming shrimp significantly helps to maintain the population of wild shrimp. Farm raised shrimp can have a softer texture, thinner shell and milder flavor than their wild counterparts. The subtle taste differences don’t significantly detract from the pleasure of eating farmed shrimp. Enjoy them any way you like! Grilled, sautéed, or chilled.

Not all varieties of seafood are stocked at all times of the season, please call ahead.

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