Fresh Soft Shell Crab, Crab Legs & Crab Meat

Tender and sweet with a touch of saltiness, crab is an American favorite. We New Englanders know that the secret to creating the best crab cakes, crab stuffing and crab salad is using quality crab products. This why City Fish Market offers the freshest selection of crab meat. Whether you choose to enjoy it in our dining room or take it home to throw in a recipe, you can count on City Fish Market to satisfy your crab cravings.

Our location in Wethersfield, CT offers the largest selection of restaurant quality seafood in Connecticut. We are the seafood suppliers for many of the finest eateries in Connecticut, Shoreline, Western Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts and Block Island. At our seafood counter, you can order the same fresh catches of fish and shellfish.

King crab legs special available in Bridgeport CT

King Crab Legs & Meat

The monarch of all crabs, these sought after and hard to catch crustaceans have big meaty legs and a thick, rich body. Much like lobster, King crab meat is best straight from the shell, dipped in butter. The rich meat also tastes excellent in omelets and salads.

Snow Crab Legs & Meat

Snow Crabs are smaller than king crabs with a subtly sweet flavor and delicate texture. Less fearsome than king crabs they are easier to catch which is why they are more affordable. Cracking open the legs and digging into the body of these crabs will still hit the spot when you are hankering for a delectable crab dinner.

All Leg Meat – Salad Crab Meat

If you aren’t looking forward to the work of extracting juicy leg meat from the shell, don’t worry! Order salad crabmeat! We have pre-shucked this leg meat for you so that you can enjoy it immediately or use it in a recipe.

Crab Clusters – Snap & Eats

Snap into and enjoy clusters of crab legs! These ready to eat portions of crab with a generous section of the body attached to the legs will fill you up without making you feel stuffed. You can also use the meat to make stuffings and dips or add it to hot soups or pasta sauces.

Cocktail Claws & Broiler Claws

Cocktail claws and broiler claws make the perfect appetizer! Claw meat is considered a delicacy by many crab connoisseurs because of its delicate texture. Cocktail claws come from the snow crab while broiler claws are from the right-side of the powerful red king crab. Filled with meat, these claws come with the caps removed so they are ready to eat.

Soft shell crabs west hartford market

 Soft Shell Crabs

Soft shell crabs have the most intense flavor. The softness of their shells is the result of the molting process (when crabs fatten up) which is why these crabs are so plump and rich in flavor. Soft Shell Crabs are typically in season from April through September.

Fresh All Claw Crab Meat

The nutty, sweet flavor of claw meat makes it excellent for soup, dips, crab burgers and dishes with heavy sauces. Though the brownish color of this meat might not be what you expect from crab, it’s savory flavor profile more than makes up for the color.

Sea Leg Supreme (Imitation Crab)

The best brand of imitation crab, Sea Leg Supreme offers crab fans an affordable alternative. It is also the perfect option for crab lovers who have developed an allergy to their favorite shellfish. It is very popular for sushi.

Fresh Backfin Crab Meat

Backfin crabmeat is made up of a blend of large and smaller pieces of white meat from the body of the crab. Though the pieces aren’t as large as jumbo lump crabmeat, it still creates a wonderful presentation. Backfin crabmeat is excellent for stuffing poultry, fish or vegetables and is also excellent in quiches and crab cakes.

Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Fresh jumbo lump crab meat gives you exactly what you expect: large pieces of rich white meat from the body of the crab. Hearty in texture and sweet in taste, jumbo lump crab meat is delicious and creates a great presentation when making dishes like crab salad.


Not all varieties of seafood are stocked at all times of the season, please call ahead.

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