New Haven Wholesale Seafood & Fish Market Delivery to Southern CT

City Fish Market has been providing the freshest and most delicious fresh fish and wholesale seafood in Greater New Haven and the entire Connecticut Coast for decades.


wholesale seafood delivery in New Haven CT

Fresh seafood delivery options available in in Norwich CT

Best Wholesale Seafood & Fish Market

City Fish Market is an established source for the best fresh seafood and wholesale fish in shoreline Connecticut to Greater New Haven and throughout the area to Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The fresh seafood enjoyed at numerous fine restaurants and supermarkets is delivered by our signature yellow and black refrigerated trucks. We are devoted to providing quality seafood for our customers and our clients’ customers to enjoy.

We offer every kind of fresh seafood served in the finest restaurants and kitchens, including shellfish, shrimp, oysters, cod, salmon, crabs, calamari, and much more. City Fish Market is the place to call for the finest seafood available in the Greater New Haven and Shoreline CT area.

Fresh Seafood Delivery to Greater New Haven & the Connecticut Coast

Our fleet of widely recognized black and yellow delivery trucks delivers wholesale fish and seafood from Westport to Madison North to Hamden, Wallingford, Monroe, Wilton, Easton, and more. Since 1930, City Fish Market has been a reliable seafood distributor of frozen and fresh seafood, shellfish, shrimp, cod, live lobsters, and a bounty of other delights from the sea.

Our twice daily deliveries by our fleet of refrigerated trucks are made to hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and institutions on the Connecticut Coast and throughout Greater New Haven. City Fish Market drivers use GPS technology to reach our customers on time with every delivery size and with no shortages. Same-day delivery is possible with orders made by late morning. Our first daily delivery route includes orders made from the previous evening through the early morning.

The second delivery run, which covers major routes, brings fresh, wholesale seafood ordered by late morning that day. Our signature taxi-cab yellow and black trucks are a familiar site from Westport to Madison, Hamden, Monroe, Wilton, Easton, Wallingford, and more.

Daily fresh seafood delivery available in Norwich CT

Fresh Seafood & Modern Fish Market

Our modern facilities are conveniently located and include state-of-the-art frozen and cold storage as well as a comfortable, stylish dining area. Our top-notch kitchen team serves our fresh seafood, which you can also experience in restaurants and hotels throughout the Connecticut coast and Greater New Haven.

We have the seafood you need when you need it. Our building houses 100,000 cubic feet of -10 degree frozen storage as well as 70,000 cubic feet of 34-degree cold storage. Our fresh 1 to 10-pound live lobsters are housed in a 5,000 gallon lobster pound.

We deliver anywhere on the Connecticut coast and Greater New Haven from Westport to Madison north to Hamden, Wallingford, Monroe, Wilton, Easton, and more.

Wholesale seafood delivery & seafood counter serving in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts & more.

We Have a Cornucopia of Seafood Selections!

Fresh Maine Lobster • Shell Fish & Clams • Scallops • Crabs • Shrimp • Fish Fillets • Sport Fish • Farm Raised • Read to Bake Seafood • Breaded & Ready to Fry Seafood • Specialty Items

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