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Middletown & Middlesex County Loves Our Fresh Wholesale Seafood Delivery from CT’s Best Fish Market!

City Fish Market has been the preferred source for the finest wholesale seafood and fresh fish in Middletown CT for decades. Our reliable service has been renowned in Central CT since 1930. City Fish Market is routinely depended upon by restaurant owners, chefs, and facility managers in Meriden, Southington, Middlefield, Cheshire, Middletown, Middlesex County, South Central CT, and throughout our extensive service area.


wholesale seafood delivery in Middletown Connecticut

fresh seafood middletown wholesale southington fishTwice Daily Fresh Seafood Delivery to Middletown CT & Middlesex County

For five generations, City Fish Market has been the go-to distributor for such fresh seafood and frozen seafood as live lobsters, shell fish, cod, shrimp, crab, oysters, salmon, and so much more. Our satisfied, loyal customers include the finest restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, clubs, and institutions throughout Middletown CT and Middlesex County. The burgeoning population at the intersection of Rt. 9 and Rt. 66 has led to economic growth and new restaurants with chefs who rely on City Market Fish for their seafood needs. We have a large fleet of refrigerated trucks, and they make twice daily deliveries throughout the area. The signature yellow and black trucks serve towns on our daily routes up and down Rt. 9, including towns like Portland, Cromwell, Haddam, Durham, Deep River, and Essex. Our drivers use GPS technology and are dependably on time for their deliveries.

fish market middlesex county meriden seafoodOur Exceptional, Modern, Clean Facilities Guarantee Freshness for Your Restaurant, Supermarket, Institution or Hotel Menu Items.

Our state-of-the-art facility is centrally located in our service area that includes Middletown CT, South Central CT, and Middlesex County. We have 100,000 cubic feet of frozen storage space kept at -10 degrees and 70,000 cubic feet of cold storage at 34 degrees, which keeps seafood at the optimal temperature for tastiness as well as freshness. An abundance of live lobsters ranging in size from 1 to 10 pounds is kept in a 5,000-gallon lobster tank until delivered straight to our fresh seafood customers in Cheshire, Middlefield, Southington, Essex, Deep River, Haddam, Durham, Portland, Cromwell, Middletown CT, and throughout our extensive service area. We even have a comfortable dining room in our facilities, where our kitchen team is always prepared to serve the best seafood to be found in Middletown CT.

wholesale fish market near middletown chesire ctOur Wholesale Seafood & Fish is the Best!

City Fish Market is well known for being Middletown Connecticut’s number one source for the best wholesale seafood and fresh fish in Middletown CT, Middlesex County, and South Central CT. The delicious fresh seafood prepared for you by chefs in the finest restaurants and available to you in many fine supermarkets in the area is from City Fish Market. We offer the full range of ocean’s delights and farm-raised seafood, including lobster, shrimp, shellfish, crab, shucked oysters, salmon, octopus, snapper, tuna, tilapia, and mussels. Because we care about encouraging families to enjoy healthy fresh seafood, it is our delight to deliver only the finest quality seafood to local businesses.

We Have a Cornucopia of Seafood Selections!

Fresh Maine Lobster • Shrimp • Salmon • Halibut • Clams & Shell Fish • Crabs • Ready-to-Bake Seafood • Farm Raised • Fish Fillets • Scallops • Breaded, Ready-to-Fry Seafood • Sport Fish • Many Specialty Items

twice daily wholesale seafood delivery to middletown and middlesex county

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