Fish Taco Toppings

The fish taco as we know it today first became popular in California in about 1970. Now, fish tacos are Read more

Ending the Summer with Seafood

Cool weather is approaching, and what could be more pleasant than ending the summer with seafood favorites? With its rich, Read more

It’s Peak Season for These Fish

A major benefit of eating seafood in its peak season is that you will save money. Even better news is Read more

Lobster for Two

To plan for an intimate meal featuring the ultimate epicurean delicacy, choose an appealing menu featuring lobster for two. To Read more

Tips to Enjoy the Delights of Smoking Fish

Fresh fish is always a treat, and smoking fish is a method of preparation that produces amazing results. Smoked fish Read more

What Is a Pescatarian Diet?

Fish market employees should be able to answer basic questions on pertinent topics: “What is a pescatarian and what do they eat?” Read more

What Seafood is Coming into Season

For fans of wild, fresh fish, it’s good to know what’s coming into season. Every year, the availability and cost Read more

Best Types of Fish for Grilling

Cooking on the grill is the closest thing to cooking over a campfire near the shore. To ensure the best Read more

How to Season Salmon for Grilling

Salmon’s delicious flavor profile goes well with a wide range of adventuresome seasoning techniques. You will limit yourself if you Read more

The Truth About Eating Tilapia

It is said that reputation is everything. But when you know the truth about tilapia, you realize that one’s reputation Read more

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