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Healthy Seafood for Every Meal

After the holidays are wrapped up, readings on bathroom scales lead many health-conscious shoppers to think along the lines of fish scales. Enjoying healthy seafood for every meal is a great comeback for restoring good eating habits. Seafood is packed with lean protein and valuable omega-3 fatty acids that undeniably do a body good. No Read more

New Year, Time To Try A Lucky Seafood Dinner

It feels good to make the most of a fresh beginning. We have tips to help you ring in the New Year with a lucky seafood dinner. In January or during the start of any new season of life, what could be better than seafood? Healthier habits are most common on lists of New Year’s Read more

Best Air Fryer Fish Recipes & Benefits

Air frying is recognized as a healthy alternative to the also-popular practice of frying foods in copious amounts of hot oil. There are benefits to trying the best air fryer fish recipes. For instance, nutritionists agree that our daily diets should include no more than 10% saturated fats. Another measure is to limit oil consumption Read more

Party-Perfect Seafood Recipes and Helpful Tips for the Holiday Host

It’s the season for giving and holiday hosting with style. Party-perfect seafood recipes hit the right notes, whether addictive appetizers, festive foods, or dishes with a delightful wow factor. Array the table with irresistible seafood dishes at your holiday gathering, and who knows what could happen? Former seafood skeptics may forever sing your praises—that’s the Read more

Best Side Dishes to Serve with Fish and Seafood

The topic of the best side dishes to serve with fish was the subject of a recent Norwegian study. The results provide a few scientific insights into this question of what is best to serve with fish. Vegetables were found to be the most common side dish for seafood. Carrots ranked at the top, with Read more

Perfect Salmon Recipes to Try This Winter

Slightly heavier meals are perfect for the holidays, which makes it an ideal time to try new salmon recipes. Fish is often light and flaky, but salmon has a meatier, more substantial texture. A lot about salmon could win over seafood skeptics. It is the star of flavorful dishes galore, whether baked, grilled, sautéed, poached, Read more

Best Seafood Thanksgiving Menu

Imagining that first Thanksgiving meal, surely fish was served along with the other bounty on the table. Today, anyone wanting to avoid the sleepiness caused by the tryptophan in the turkey should welcome the best seafood Thanksgiving menu on their table. Whether a sports fan who wants to watch every play in every football game Read more

Fall Seafood Favorites to Give the Holiday Season an Added Lift

Autumn offers so much, from football and multi-colored leaves to hayrides and family gatherings. Fall seafood favorites are ideal to further boost the launch of a festive holiday season. Mouthwatering fall seafood dishes abound. Find details and links below for a scrumptious seafood appetizer, spicy fish soup, a cozy main dish starring salmon, and a delectable Read more

The Flavorful Swordfish for Fall

You may already know that the flavorful swordfish for fall is excellent fare, but how much do you know about swordfish in general? Good conversation is a great way to enhance any meal, and swordfish can be an interesting topic. Read on to learn about the angler’s take on catching swordfish, chefs’ insights regarding taste, Read more

What Fish are Peak in October?

Since fish are seasonal, the same as crops, the question of what fish are peak in October is a good one. How to cook the fish is another. At 57%, the U.S. average number of barbeque connoisseurs grilling in the fall barely wanes compared to the 62% who fire up the grill in the springtime, Read more

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