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Dark meat fish fillet for sale in Glastonbury CTStop by City Fish Market to pick up dark meat fish when you are craving fish with a satisfying medium texture!

Dark meat fish range in taste from the clean flavor of Norwegian salmon to the almost nutty flavor of red snapper. These filling fish make an excellent entrée. You can pick up the freshest catch of dark meat fish at our large seafood counter in Wethersfield, CT or enjoy a delicious fish plate in our dining room.

Our high standard of excellence and friendly service has made us the premium seafood supplier for fine restaurants, hotels, and clubs throughout Connecticut, Western Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts.

We are proud to offer you same restaurant quality, fresh bounty of the sea.

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Norwegian Salmon

From the crisp, clear waters of Norway, Norwegian salmon is lighter in color and somewhat less fatty than red sockeye but it has an equally rich flavor. The strict safety guidelines and high standards of excellence that the Norwegian seafood industry has ensure that Norwegian salmon is the best quality.

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Red Sockeye Salmon

Many salmon enthusiasts consider red sockeye salmon to be the absolute best. This richly flavored, top-notch fish comes from the cold waters of Canada. It has a distinctive deep red-orange hue and is the second-fattiest type of salmon. It is the most common choice for raw salmon dishes.

fresh pacific red snapper

Pacific Snapper

The pacific snapper is a versatile fish with a subtly sweet taste and large flakes. Since its tender meat flakes easily, this affordable fish doesn’t stand up well to a grill. Instead, bake or sauté it with a squeeze of lemon to bring out its sweetness.

fresh seafood red snapper

Red Snapper

Red Snapper is a versatile, lean fish that most seafood enthusiasts are familiar with. When it is raw, it is a pinkish color with yellow streaks. Its color fades when it is cooked. This moist fish, with a firm texture and a distinctively sweet almost nutty flavor, can stand up to strong seasonings. You can cook it anyway you like: baked, broiled, grilled, poached, sautéed, or steamed.

fish market seafood like ocean perch

Ocean Perch

You are in for a treat when ocean perch is on the menu. Ocean perch has a sweet, nutty taste and fine flake. This moist and lean, savory fish tastes wonderful fried with a thick coating of pecans or panko breading. The fillets are typically sold with the skin on so that it holds together.

Boston Pollock

When you are in the mood for a fish with the large flakes of cod or haddock but more flavor, Boston Pollock (also known as Boston Bluefish) is the fish for you. The higher fat content in Boston Pollock gives it a richer flavor and also makes it more tender. You can still prepare it the same way you would cod or haddock: boiled, baked, or sautéed. No matter how you prepare it, you are sure to enjoy this fine quality fish that is earning a place on restaurant menus across the U.S.

Not all varieties of seafood are stocked at all times of the season, please call ahead.

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