Surprising Health Benefits of Calamari

We are happy to share squid recipes and surprising health benefits of calamari. An interesting variety of other facts may also be useful. For instance, Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants is not, in fact, a squid. Calamari is, though the pluralized version of the Italian word for squid. Calamari (aka squid) is often confused with octopus, a separate delicacy with its own acclaim. You’ll want to buy fresh calamari at City Fish Market for maximum tastiness. City Fish Market, nearing a century since its founding, has always been the place for the freshest seafood. Calamari’s amazing health benefits follow.

fried calamari to go in Glastonbury CTA Fantastic Protein Source

Calamari may be a low-calorie food, but it is a fabulous source of protein. You derive 13 grams of protein from a mere 3 ounces of calamari. Protein is a wonderful thing! Eating protein gives us sustained energy, it curbs hunger, plus it helps our body build lean muscle. Calamari, as a protein, speeds recovery after exercise and injury.

Boosts Brain Health

Eating calamari can promote the good health of your brain. That’s because of a nutrient called choline. This somewhat rare component is tremendously important to brain and liver health. Eggs are the only other common type of food that provides choline, but calamari is the better source. Eat more squid to be a part of the elite 10% of Americans who get the recommended amount of choline. 

High in Vitamins and Minerals

The nutritional value of calamari cannot be exaggerated, sort of like SpongeBob’s talent for annoying Squidward. Squid contains vitamin B-12, potassium, copper, and iron. Altogether, these things strengthen your immune system, improve the performance of your blood cells, and buttress your bones. 

Antidote for Anemia

Anyone with low iron in their blood should eat calamari regularly. A lack of blood cells is the cause of anemia. Calamari contains copper, which helps to fight against that disease. If you’ve been diagnosed with low iron, eat more squid to reduce symptoms of anemia.

A Word of Caution Regarding Cholesterol

At City Fish Market, we are getting pretty famous for making mouths water for seafood of all kinds. With that in mind, we think it best to let you know that calamari is somewhat high in cholesterol. No need to give up squid, however. Simply limit your portion sizes. As with many other things most tempting and high in cholesterol, enjoy calamari but with moderation.

Calamari (Squid) Recipes

Eating healthy foods sometimes means you can also crank up the pleasure of eating. Calamari is proof of that, but why isn’t it called “squid” in culinary circles? Well, the story goes that when squid began to be widely available for consumption, restaurant owners and fishermen agreed that the word “squid” would evoke disgust. They agreed to use its Italian name, and the rest is history!

squid recipes in Norfolk CT

Enjoy the following calamari recipes, beginning with two found on the City Fish Market website:

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