The Best Fish to Grill

When choosing the best fish to grill, one qualifier is ‘which fish can stand up to the heat?’ Another is how sturdy the fish is, which means it won’t fall through the grates or easily break apart. Considering these and other traits, most chefs agree on which types of fish are perfect for grilling. Read on for the details plus chefs’ tips for grilling fish. Mastery at the grill when fish are on the fire is a true mark of a pitmaster.

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Red snapper is a meaty white fish especially good for grilling. Most barbecue experts cook snapper whole with the skin on. The benefit of grilling with the skin on is that it prevents the fish meat from getting dried out. Add flavorful stuffing, such as lemon wheels. Newbies might get the best results by using a grilling basket.

Snapper fillets are also favorites of grilling connoisseurs, who often enjoy marinating the fillets in tasty flavors. Try this flavorful recipe for Grilled Snapper with Caper Sauce.


Any grill chef hankering for the meatiest seafood might choose swordfish. The fresh, buttery flavor of swordfish is beautifully enhanced on a barbecue pit. This white-fleshed fish is ideal when serving seafood skeptics. Beautiful grill marks are featured in many tasty swordfish recipes, such as Grilled Swordfish With Chimichurri. Please note that swordfish often contain mercury in high amounts. Mercury is a heavy metal that can cause toxic effects on the brain, particularly in infants.


Mahi-mahi is a favorite type of fish to use in tacos, but it is also a plump, firm fish ideal for grilling. Like other types of seafood, be careful not to overcook mahi-mahi because it can quickly become tough. This sweet, mild whitefish pairs beautifully with tropical fruits, citrus marinades, fresh herbs, capers, and lemon butter. Mexican spices are also used to enliven the flavor of grilled mahi-mahi. Be sure to oil the grates over medium-high heat before placing the mahi-mahi flesh-side-down on the grill.


Salmon is a versatile fish that many believe is best in the hands of a grill master or even a humble barbecue enthusiast. An oily fish, salmon passes the all-important high-heat test. Barbecue chefs can use their skills to develop the distinct, smoky flavor of grilled salmon. Season generously or try a marinade recipe. For a special treat, find a link to the printable, full recipe for delicious Double K Grilled Salmon here.

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Sliced thick or thin, tuna is a great fish for beginners to cook on the grill. A thinner tuna steak can be grilled over high heat until medium-rare. An Asian favorite is to quickly grill tuna over very high heat with a sear on the outside, leaving the tuna mostly raw. You can’t go wrong with simply salt, pepper. To fully satisfy your tastebuds, put a two-hour marinade on tuna for this Tuna Grilled Korean-Style recipe. City Fish Market has an abundance of the best fish to grill. Our fresh seafood will whet your appetite for a wide variety of healthy dishes prepared with catches from the sea. Use our online form to contact us, or call 860-522-3129 today.

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