Best Types of Fish for Grilling

Cooking on the grill is the closest thing to cooking over a campfire near the shore. To ensure the best results, choose one of the best types of fish for grilling. Doing so will be the first step toward properly showcasing your skills with the grill. By grilling fish, you will serve a delicious protein packed with healthful benefits. For freshness you can be sure of every time, shop at City Fish Market. Culinary experts have weighed in to reveal the best types of fish for grilling, as follows.

Best fish for outdoor grilling in Farmington CTWhat are Good Qualities in Fish for Grilling?

Delicate fillets certainly deserve a spot on dinner plates everywhere, but they aren’t necessarily suited for grilling. The best types of fish for grilling are firm and hearty. They won’t fall apart but can stand up to the fire and grill method over an open pit. You have made an excellent choice with any of the fish below.


Halibut has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and no unpleasant fishy taste. The texture of halibut is firm, dense, and meaty. If you are a connoisseur who loves to create appetizing grill marks, halibut is a wonderful choice. Halibut is also perfect if you are cooking for people who don’t eat fish and simply don’t know what they are missing. Grilled halibut could be just the thing to win them over! Try the following recipe that claims to be the best flaky grilled halibut recipe. It includes a spice rub with an “amazing taste:” Grilled Halibut


One of the best secrets of success for grilling salmon is to get the grill nice and hot. Salmon is a smart choice for grilling because it has a rich, non-fishy flavor that pairs beautifully with all types of flavors. If you prefer subtle flavors, salmon is an ideal match. But it is also perfect for bold seasonings. Of course, it has the prerequisite firmness of texture that makes it one of the best types of fish for grilling. Try this recipe that includes a flavorful marinade: Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs


When grilled, tuna should be raw in the middle, like eating sushi. Otherwise, the tuna will be dry and tough. No need to shy away! Fresh tuna is not too fishy. Its texture is like chicken in firmness, texture, and flavor! This delectable recipe also utilizes a marinade: Garlic Herb Grilled Tuna Steak Marinade

Sustainable Fish Market Serving Marlborough CTShop for All the Best Types of Fish for Grilling at City Fish Market

There aren’t just 3 types of fish great for grilling! Mahi mahi, swordfish, snapper, yellowtail amberjack, and sardines are also among the best types of fish for grilling. Make any of these selections at City Fish Market, where our fish are famously fresh and scrumptious. Check out our weekly specials and spend time at our extensive retail counter. We are enthusiastic but not snobbish about grilling fish — we have your fresh seafood here for every method of cooking! We are located at 884 Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield, CT. Visit us today, call 860-522-3129, or fill out our online form

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