Seafood Tools for Every At-Home Chef

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In Honor of National Shrimp Day

One of the smallest and tastiest seafoods is celebrated every May 10. In honor of National Shrimp Day, we will Read more

How To Peel And Devein Shrimp Like A Pro

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The Best Ways to Keep Shellfish Fresh

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Tips for Avoiding Mistakes When Cooking Seafood

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The Best Seafood For A Keto Diet

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Drinks That Pair Well With Seafood 

Because red wine is rich in iron and other minerals, combining it with seafood can leave behind a “fishy” aftertaste. Read more

Surprising Health Benefits of Calamari

We are happy to share squid recipes and surprising health benefits of calamari. An interesting variety of other facts may Read more

Healthy Eating Resolution: Eat More Seafood

Healthy Eating Resolution Making healthful diet changes is often hard but it’s not always complicated. To get in on an Read more

How Eating Fish Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health 

The leading reason hearts in the world come to a standstill is because of cardiovascular issues and heart disease. We Read more

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