How to Cook Lobster Tail

Lobster tail dishes such as The Best Lobster Tail Recipe Ever are favorites for countless seafood lovers. Whether your recipe involves boiling, steaming, baking, smoking, or grilling, basics on how to cook lobster tail will help to ensure a delicious, mouth-watering lobster dish. If you are unsure which type of recipe is best for beginners, we recommend boiling lobster tails. This is the surest way to prevent dealing with the lobster tail sticking to the shell. No matter what skill level you have in the kitchen, you can relax! Cooking lobster tail is fairly easy, even though lobster is considered the height of high-end seafood elegance.

cooking lobster tail, norwalk ctIns and Outs of Lobster Tail

Lobster has a similar texture to shrimp because it has long muscle fibers encased in connective tissue. It takes just a few minutes to cook lobster. When it is overcooked, lobster tends to turn rubbery and tough.

The natural colors of lobster tails are brown on the outside and gray on the inside. It is not until lobster tails are fully cooked that they turn red. If your lobster tail is frozen in dry ice, don’t worry if you see water beads on the shell’s outer rim. The meat of the tail is perfectly safe even as the shell begins to defrost.

Do not refreeze lobster tails at home. When you bring your lobster tails home, put them in the freezer immediately. Do not store them for more than 3 months because, otherwise, they may dry out. A basic instruction on how to cook lobster tails is to keep the lobster tails in the freezer until 24 hours before you are ready to cook them.

If you aren’t planning to boil the lobster meat, take the following steps to avoid the tail sticking to the shell:

  1. Place the lobster tails in a sealed bag and
  2. Soak them in cold water,
  3. Leaving them in the water for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the lobster tails.

fresh lobster tail dishes, guilford ctHelp with Misconceptions

The center of lobster tails may appear black or green. This is the liver, and it is considered a delicacy. No worries if you don’t want to eat the liver. It can easily be rinsed off with water once the lobster tail has been fully cooked.

Lobster tail is typically white but when lobsters are preparing to shed, there is a slight pink tint. This is normal and entirely edible. You can also rinse it off with warm water if you want to remove the pink tint after cooking the lobster tail for your dish.

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