Perfect Pairing of Refreshments with Seafood

There’s no better warm weather combination than seafood with a refreshing drink. Here we have the perfect pairing of refreshments to go with seafood. You’ll be glad you made the effort, whether you are planning what to drink with seafood dinners at home or want to serve delightful pairings at a party with friends. Just don’t forget… The seafood has to really shine as the star of the meal. The place to buy the freshest seafood around is at City Fish Market.

Fresh Seafood Fish and Chips in Middletown CTFish & Chips with Moscow Mule

If you are having the classic fish and chips dish, you could complement the fried and fatty. Maybe you want to bring out the salty. There’s no way you could go wrong! For the fish and chips, you want to cut through the fat. The ideal choice is a Moscow Mule. Sharp ginger beer and citrus brighten things up.

Sweet Tea and Seafood on the Grill

What could be better at a seafood grill than sweet tea? A classic summertime drink, it has made its way out of the south. The bold taste of the tea complements the big barbeque flavors of grilled fish.

If you’re serving tea with grilled fish that has been prepared with a rub, the pairing is especially sweet.

Lobster Roll with Ranch Water

What can stand up to a meaty, buttery lobster packed into a toasted bun? A Ranch Water is a fizzy, spritzy, light cocktail with the kick needed to match your sumptuous roll. Specifically, what’s a Ranch Water? It’s simple. A freshly squeezed lime, 2½ ounces silver tequila, ice, and Topo Chico. Add a lime wheel for garnish, and you’ve got a favorite new combination.

Fish Tacos with a Whiskey Sour

Fish tacos provide the opportunity for endless creativity. Use a flaky, lean white fish to get started right. Halibut, snapper, or cod, for example. For a great idea try our Grilled Margarita Shrimp Fajita Tacos! Then add queso fresco, citrus driven slaw, salsa, a lemon squeeze, and the usuals for a wide range of textures and flavors. For the perfect pairing of refreshments to go with seafood, a Whiskey Sour is an ideal match with fish tacos. It brings lively citrus and real punch from the rye.

Paella with a Negroni

A Spanish Dish, paella is loaded with seafood. It’s got everything! From shrimp and scallops to mussels and squid, it needs something that can stand up to all that’s happening. A Negroni works beautifully, with its bold flavors of Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth. The bitter character of the drink will cut through to the richness of the dish. Everything comes together with harmony.

Wine is a Classic Choice

The chart is simple for pairing wine with seafood. When you are having white fish and seafood, the most delicious wine pairing is red wine. Dry white wine adds splashes of citrus and a touch of sweetness to briny, buttery seafood.

Wine and Seafood Pairing in Wethersfield CT

And sparkling wine—Champagne—to balance salty with sweet in smoked or creamy dishes.

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