Fall Seafood Favorites to Give the Holiday Season an Added Lift

Autumn offers so much, from football and multi-colored leaves to hayrides and family gatherings. Fall seafood favorites are ideal to further boost the launch of a festive holiday season. Mouthwatering fall seafood dishes abound. Find details and links below for a scrumptious seafood appetizer, spicy fish soup, a cozy main dish starring salmon, and a delectable lobster salad. Visit City Fish Market in Weathersfield CT for the freshest components to make your favorite fall seafood dishes stand out amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.

Salmon Pie for Fall in Danbury CTSalmon Pie with Roasted Peppers

Our proffered recipes, so far, contain flavorful spices that match the energizing effects of cool fall weather. As a main dish, Salmon Pie with Roasted Peppers continues that streak. Tender salmon – with its rich, buttery flavor — is a popular fish in the US and a fitting ingredient for a main dish in November. There are different types of salmon to choose from, such as sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chinook salmon, and Atlantic salmon. City Fish Market always carries a selection of salmon you can count on as a fresh seafood ingredient that will elevate any meal.

Garlic Avocado and Shrimp with Queso Appetizer

The only thing better than starting a delicious meal with an appetizer is serving a healthy starter dish. A fall seafood favorite appetizer recipe posted on the City Fish Market website is Garlic Avocado and Shrimp with Queso. Light and tempting, as meal starters are meant to be, shrimp is the star of the dish. Shrimp is high in protein and low in fat, carbs, and calories. Because
shrimp contains antioxidants, health benefits can include relief from inflammation. In a 3-ounce serving, shrimp supplies the body with 9 different and healthful vitamins and minerals. Don’t be hesitant about serving a seafood appetizer. Experts say that appetizers can contribute to weight loss, especially when you’ve made a seafood choice like shrimp.

Paleo Seafood Chili

With spices reminiscent of autumn colors, spice up a delicious seafood soup called Paleo Seafood Chili. The recipe includes haddock or cod, sea scallops, and shrimp. When deciding on your options for the dish, it helps to know that haddock has a tender texture and a somewhat fishy flavor. Cod meat is flakier and tastes mild and a bit sweet. Soup is ideal for autumn, especially when it’s packed with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids of a kind found only in seafood.

Lobster Salad for Fall in Bridgeport CTLobster Salad

Lobster is real comfort food, though it is also a really healthy meal option anytime. Add Lobster Salad to your list of fall seafood favorites. Make it a November tradition if you want to light up your family’s anticipation of a fabulous holiday season. For many people in Connecticut and surrounding areas, visiting City Fish Market is as much a tradition as a Thanksgiving feast. Join the family! Visit us at 884 Silas Deane Highway, fill out our convenient contact form, or call (860) 522-3129 today.

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