Tips for Cooking Fish in the Air Fryer

Eating fish has so many health benefits, but eating fried foods, even fried fish, doesn’t exactly contribute toward fitness. A good solution is to become familiar with our tips for cooking fish in the air fryer. Now, you may be full of questions. How long does fish take in the air fryer? Why is my fish not crispy in the air fryer? Hopefully, the information below will answer all your questions. As to where the best place is to buy fish for cooking in the air fryer, we have the definitive answer. It’s City Fish Market, of course!

fried fish filet recipes in milford western ctWhat Fish is Best for Air Frying?

You have many options when it comes to the best fish for the air fryer. Much depends on the recipe you are using. You can’t go wrong, for instance, if the air fryer fish you cook is halibut, haddock, cod, mahi mahi, tilapia, or pollock. These can all provide flaky, delicious fish dishes. Swordfish and tuna are also excellent choices, but they will take longer to cook in the air fryer.

How to Cook Fish in the Air Fryer

You may never cook fish on the stovetop or in the oven again once you learn the tips for cooking fish in the air fryer. It’s so simple! And, yes, fish does get crispy in the air fryer.

Now, this may be an unexpected News Flash, but simply following your recipes is the best way to cook air fryer fish. In other words, there’s no need to be intimidated by the idea of cooking fish in the air fryer. Look for recipe tips such as these:

  • This air fryer fish recipe works best with thawed fish, but frozen fish in the air fryer will also turn out fine. The difference is adding several extra minutes of cooking time for frozen fish.
  • Cooking times for this recipe may vary depending on the type of fish and the thickness of the cut used. 
  • Do not stack fish filets or overcrowd the basket.
  • Though it is a firm, dense fish, halibut is prone to drying out when overcooked. So, don’t forget your butter or oil, and keep a close eye on halibut when it is cooking in the air fryer.

Air Fryer Fish Recipes

You can find endless recipes and tips for cooking fish in the air fryer on the Internet. Well, that’s a no-brainer! But did you know that you will find recipes for cooking any kind of seafood on the City Fish Market site? Here are some proven recipes for air fryer fish:

fresh salmon for sale in Avon CTShop City Fish Market to Make the Best Use of your Air Fryer

City Fish Market has the freshest fish, which makes any air fryer fish recipe the best it can be. We hope these tips for cooking fish in the air fryer will remove any doubts that you can do it! You can eat all the air fryer fish you want without the guilt that foods fried in hot grease can give you. 

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