Exploring Seafood Delicacies Around the World

When you visit City Fish Market and seafood markets on many continents, you find a bounty of delicious selections from the ocean. From clam chowder to sushi dishes, let’s explore seafood delicacies around the world. City Fish Market has been the place to get fresh seafood products since 1930.

fresh octopus in Glastonbury CTDelight the Tastebuds with Seafood Dishes 

The earliest seafood recipes in China date back to 206 BC. Since prehistoric times, there is evidence that seafood has been an integral part of the diet in Japan.  Throughout history, the way we eat fish has changed. In early times, there were limited means for preserving fish. Therefore, it was eaten fresh. Today, there are numerous options for preserving seafood, including canning, salting, freezing, and smoking. This allows us to eat seafood even out of season. 

There are no limits to the possibilities for enjoying seafood today. Let’s look at some classic seafood dishes to explore seafood delicacies around the world.

Japan: Octopus Dumplings

Takoyaki or Octopus Dumplings is a famous Japanese seafood snack. It is made with a simple egg batter and diced octopus. A special iron pan that is traditional in Japan is the secret to the round shape of this delicious treat.

Wheat flour, soy sauce, and dashi stock are the ingredients in the creamy egg mix. Tender pieces of diced octopus top the dumplings after they’ve been cooking in the sizzling molds. Various ingredients are often merged into the dish to heighten the flavors, such as pickled ginger, sliced scallions, dried fish flakes, and crispy fried crumbs made from tempura batter.

United States: Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is a soup that originated in the Northeastern portion of the U.S., but the dish is commonly available in restaurants across the country. It is known throughout the world, and many regions have put their own spin on it. New England Clam Chowder is authentic comfort food with ingredients that say it all: bacon, potatoes, cream, and clams—heavy on the chopped clams. Other ingredients include dried thyme, an 8-ounce bottle of clam juice, and all-purpose flour. Prep time is only 20 minutes, which isn’t too long to wait for a comforting soup with a briny flavor.

fresh fish for sushi in Marlborough CTCanada: Sushi Pizza

Sushi originated in Japan, but nations around the world have created various adaptations. Perhaps the most unique is Sushi Pizza, a signature Canadian dish that is popular for its success in marrying two iconic favorites. See a video to learn how to make Canadian Sushi Pizza. It includes tips on making deep-fried salmon skin, which is a delicious sushi pizza topping.

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