Seafood Diet Plan for One Week

Forget the Freshman 15! It’s been replaced by the Covid 19. Unusual weight gain has become a common problem for Americans cooped up inside due to this pandemic. It’s easy to forget about your health goals and pack on the pounds when you’re working from home or spending your free time on the couch binging shows instead of meeting up with friends and colleagues. Adopting a pescatarian or seafood diet may help you manage your weight.

Seafood is a smart substitute for other meats because it’s low in calories. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may help you lose weight more easily according to research compiled by Healthline.    

Check out these meal ideas for your first week of a pescatarian diet:

Mediterranean Omelet Breakfast,New Haven CT Breakfasts: 

Mediterranean omelet

Avocado toast 5 ways  

Huevos ranchos


You don’t need to eat seafood at every meal when you are on a pescatarian diet. Eating a vegetable-packet egg dish or avocado loaded toast is a great way to start your day instead.


Eggs and avocado are both slow-burning energy sources that are ideal for the first meal of the day. Pair them with multi-grain toast or a small dish of fresh fruit.


Fresh tuna salad

Greek chickpea salad

Easy pasta salad 

Seared tofu Bahn Mi 

Salmon BLT

While the weather is still warm, enjoy a wide variety of salads and sandwiches at lunchtime! There are many types of salads to dig your teeth into, from creamy tuna salad on wheat bread to pasta salad packed with diced vegetables. These recipes for a seared tofu Bahn Mi and salmon BLT are a healthy twist on famous sandwiches. A pescatarian diet includes many vegetarian dishes along with seafood dishes. These flavorful salads and sandwiches will fill you up without making you feel sleepy after lunch.


Baked Brussel sprouts & BBQ salmon

Fish tacos

Cajun shrimp with dirty rice

Baked tilapia with parmesan crust

Garlic salmon with green beans and tomatoes

Fresh Seafood Counter, Western, CTDinner is traditionally the heaviest meal of the day here in Connecticut. You don’t have to give up eating comfort food in the evening. Substituting seafood into your favorite meals, like tacos, is a great way to cut down the calories without giving up on your favorite foods. These savory seafood recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Each one is packed with flavor. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to slim down.

Before making a significant change to your diet, remember to consult your doctor. If you are pregnant or nursing, keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends avoiding fish that are high in mercury like shark, swordfish, mackerel, and tilefish. Children should also have a limited amount of high mercury fish. Your doctor may suggest limiting your seafood consumption to just twice a week.

If you aren’t used to cooking seafood at home, don’t worry! Our blog is full of advice for novice seafood cooks. You can always pick up cooking tips from the associates at our seafood counter, where you’ll also find the largest selection of fresh seafood in Connecticut.

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