Delicious and Easy Seafood Meals for Pescatarians

It’s not hard to stick with eating fish and no meat. That’s because delicious and easy seafood meals for pescatarians are available in abundance. As a pescatarian, you can add vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy to the ingredients in appetizing meals. The following are links to delicious pescatarian meals to whet your appetite.

Shrimp and Grits Stonington CTSouthern Style Shrimp and Cheesy Grits

Cajun seasoning is among the secrets of this delicious Shrimp and Grits Southern Style with Cheesy Grits recipe found on the Small Town Woman site. Creamy cheddar grits pairs perfectly with skillet-cooked shrimp seasoned with green onions, garlic, crispy bacon, red pepper, and the aforementioned Cajun seasoning. Additional ingredients include lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and low sodium vegetable broth. The chef says that this style of food originates in Louisiana and has various adaptations. By the way, all recipe variations can be carefully chosen for qualities that remain within pescatarian guidelines.

Creamy Salmon Piccata and Pasta

Another easy, scrumptious pescatarian meal requires one substitution to avoid the chicken broth included in the recipe. Vegetable stock is one possible substitute for chicken broth and salted butter and water is another. Thanks to Cindy’s Table for offering this easy-to-make Creamy Salmon Piccata and Pasta recipe. A comfort dish that stars fresh salmon, additional ingredients include your favorite pasta, all purpose flour, olive oil, lemon, parmesan cheese, and milk or cream. Total prep time is 45 minutes.

Baked White Fish and Vegetables

Baked White Fish and Vegetables is a pescatarian delight for anyone who loves tender, juicy white fish between layers of fresh herbs, peppers, celery, tomatoes, carrots, and onion. Provided by Olga’s Flavor Factory, this is a yummy one-dish favorite that is hearty while leaving diners feeling healthy and light. A convenient option is that you can do all prep work ahead of time and leave only the baking at the end of a busy day. This is a stunning dinner option sure to please family members and guests with discriminating tastes alike.

Ahi Tuna with Angel Hair Pasta

Find the recipe for delicious Ahi Tuna with Angel Hair Pasta at the City Fish Market site, though props are given to Cindy’s Table for the great recipe. Tuna is one of the best options when you’re looking for Omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial dietary fats are great for brain health and for the eyes and heart. The complete recipe includes ingredients for the pasta portion of the dish and ingredients for the tuna. Herbs and spices include Spanish paprika, dried oregano, ground coriander, chili powder, and ground mustard. Always start with fresh fillets of ahi tuna from City Fish Market if you live in or near Connecticut.

Fresh Seafood Counter, Wethersfield CTFresh Fish for Pescatarians

Freshness is the secret to great seafood and enjoying the delights of pescatarian recipes. City Fish Market has everything you need to celebrate pescatarianism. Since 1930, we’ve maintained our commitment to providing quality seafood along with friendly and helpful service. City Fish Market makes easy meals for pescatarians a snap, since we provide the star seafood ingredient for every recipe. Use our online form to contact us or call 860-522-3129 today.

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