Most Sustainable Fish and Seafood for Summer

If you are wondering about the most sustainable fish and seafood for summer, you may already be in the know. But choosing sustainable fish for a certain season is an environmentally responsible choice. It means that you are being careful not to contribute to overfishing. Choosing fish and seafood that are in season helps to protect our oceans and sustainable fisheries. City Fish Market buys in-season seafood from responsible fishmongers and has sustainable varieties of fish and seafood that you can enjoy this spring and summer. The following are the most sustainable fish and seafood for summer.

Fresh Flounder and Seafood in Fairfield CTYellowtail Flounder

During hot summer months, flaky yellowtail flounder are abundant in the Atlantic off the shores of New England. A management plan for the species includes minimum fish sizes to prevent the -harvest of juvenile fish. There are also annual catch limits based on the best scientific information available. Try these recipes:

Red Snapper

Among the most sustainable fish and seafood for summer is the red snapper. A tasty seafood choice, U.S. wild-caught red snapper is sustainably managed under a rebuilding plan.

Red snapper has a sweet, nutty flavor and firm texture. Prepare it with subtle herbs or a spicy hot chili pepper recipe. Eat it pan-fried, grilled, broiled, baked, steamed, or deep-fried. It’s also a choice ingredient for a fish stew. Try these red snapper recipes:


In fish markets, bluefish is primarily sold fresh or smoked. Since they live along the East Coast from Maine to Florida, fresh bluefish are a staple in summer at City Fish Market. Bluefish superbly qualifies as one of the most sustainable fish and seafood for summer. U.S. wild-caught bluefish is a keen choice for dinner.


Support sustainable tuna fishing by only shopping for tuna in the summer. Get fresh tuna steaks at City Fish Market. The steaks are sold already skinned. Simply add seasoning and throw it in the oven or the grill. For more options, check out Top 10 Recipes You Can Enjoy this Summer or try these yummy summer recipes:

Mahi Mahi

If someone starts expounding on the high content of omega-3 fatty acids in mahi mahi or the way it supplies you with protein and vitamins like B12 and B6, that’s fine. Because it’s all true. The real reason you might eat mahi mahi probably isn’t even because it’s among the most sustainable fish and seafood for summer. It’s flaky like halibut but that’s not it either. The flavor of mahi mahi is distinctly sweet and moderately mild. It’s delicious in top recipes, such as the following:

Sustainable Fish Market Serving Marlborough CT

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City Fish Market is the place to go for the most sustainable fish and seafood for summer. In addition to the varieties listed above, we have sea bass, locally sourced crab and clams, (though locally sourced clams are plentiful year-round) and more.

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