Sustainable Seafood Choices for the Holiday Season   

‘Tis the season of giving toward the greater good. Thus, making sustainable seafood choices for the holiday season is a befitting December tradition. It’s a grinchy reality that global fish stocks are either over-exploited or fully depleted. You will do your part toward turning things around by walking into City Fish Market and requesting the “catch of the day.” That is, of course, if Connecticut is in driving distance. If not, try finding a fish market also known for its relentless dedication to seafood freshness. Holiday happiness will be practically guaranteed! Sustainable recommendations and recipes for December follow.

baked ocean perch recipe in Marlborough CTAcadian Redfish

Also known as ocean perch, Acadian redfish are already decked out in a seasonal color! This is one of the best sustainable seafood choices for the holiday season. Acadian redfish has a long list of desirable qualities that chefs love. Its texture is described as both flaky and moderately firm. The mild flavor of ocean perch makes it quite versatile and able to stand up to a variety of delectable sauces. A moist, lean fish, the Acadian redfish is high in protein, giving one the added stamina needed for mega-shopping! Try these seafood recipes perfect for your holiday table:


December is the peak season for swordfish. If you search online “why people eat swordfish,” you may have to wade through an exhaustive list of the health benefits of eating swordfish. It contains vitamin B12, and it is a lean protein rich in many minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Fine! You may even say, “Humbug!” Because healthy eating is not exactly what the holidays are about. 

Does swordfish taste irresistibly delicious? (Yes!) It is known to be moist, flavorful, mild, and slightly sweet. And, by the way, how will a swordfish dish look on a festive table? Well, that depends on intentional shades of seasoning and overall presentation. Here are some swordfish recipes for the holidays:


Shrimp is the most popular seafood today, sources say. So, it is a cinch to be a popular choice for your holiday feast. Corner anyone about the reason they love to eat shrimp, their answer is likely to be, “It’s delicious!” Shrimp is tender, mild, and savory.

fresh shrimp for shrimp scampi in Glastonbury CTThere is a simplicity about cooking shrimp. That’s a huge plus because any seafood that is less intimidating to tackle during the so-called “frenetic” season is a good thing. Here are some tasty, if not tasteful, holiday shrimp recipes:

Shop City Fish Market this Holiday Season for Sustainable Seafood

Holiday cheer and City Fish Market practically go hand-in-hand. Even Santa agrees that we’ve got the freshest sustainable seafood choices for the holiday season. Make it a new holiday tradition to peruse our freshest-of-seafood retail counters! You’ll find swordfish, ocean perch, shrimp, and a wide variety of sustainable seafood choices. Speaking of Santa, he has our address pinned at 884 Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield, CT.

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