The Best Fish to Eat in the Summer Months

Seasonal eating isn’t just about farm-fresh produce because you can also benefit from knowing the best fish to eat in those summer days. Choosing seasonal options is a great way to support both responsible fishing practices and enjoying seafood when it’s fresh. City Fish Market is known for outstanding value, integrity, service, and quality, including the finest quality seafood each season of the year. Below, learn the best fish
to eat through the summer.

Mahi Mahigreat tasting fish selections in new haven ct

Mahi Mahi, also known as “dolphin fish” or “Dorado,” has a meaty, firm texture and mildly sweet flavor. It is a summertime favorite on the East Coast, and it pairs beautifully with bold spices. Fresh Mahi Mahi can be baked, grilled, fried, steamed, or poached. This “Easy Perfect Mahi Mahi Recipe” utilizes the stovetop-to-oven cooking method.
Great sides and toppings to serve with Mahi Mahi include fresh avocado, cilantro-lime rice, and sour cream. Any vegetable dish would work with Mahi Mahi, undeniably one of the best fish to eat in the summer.

Yellowtail Snapper

Its light, flaky, white, slightly sweet meat makes yellowtail snapper a summer favorite. A good sustainable seafood source, yellowtail snappers are not currently being overfished. They are not on the endangered or vulnerable lists with the World Conservation Union. However, the largest portion of the total fishing mortality of yellowtail snapper is accounted for among shrimp trawlers. If you are buying instead of catching yellowtail snapper, request that the bones be removed. Bread yellowtail snapper with almond flour and seasonings and pan fry in a little butter and oil; here’s a recipe for Pan Fried Yellowtail Snapper. Vegetables make great side dishes, such as steamed green beans or roasted broccoli with garlic.

Fresh Tilapia

Versatility is one of the strengths of cooking delicious, fresh tilapia, one of the undeniably best fish to eat in June. Tilapia is the fish of choice for various lettuce wrap, fish taco, ceviche, and polenta recipes. Like all fish, tilapia is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, those healthy fats our bodies need to function. The Spruce Eats offers 17 Light and Easy Tilapia Recipes for successfully cooking what they call “the firm, flaky fish.” The 17 recipes include ideas for baking, stuffing, grilling, and sautéing tilapia.

Striped Bass

Martha Stewart is among the chefs who name striped bass among the best fish to eat in July or anytime in summer. She calls striped bass “eminently grillable,” but most people also call them “rockfish.” The mild flavor of striped bass makes it ideal for many delectable recipes, such as this 5-star Broiled Striped Bass with Ginger-Scallion Oil recipe from Food & Wine. Stir-fried asparagus is an ideal side dish. Here are six more Lip-Smacking Good Recipes for Striped Bass courtesy of Game & Fish Magazine. City Fish Market has the best fish to cook in warmer months, and no fishing poles or lures are needed. This is the place for fresh fish that will make your seafood dishes sing. Call us today at 860-522-3129, contact us using our online form, or visit us today to get great seafood

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