The Best Way to Cook Lobster

If your question on how best to cook lobster is based on unsuccessful attempts, you may be among the 50% of people who buy live lobsters but don’t know how to correctly proceed from there. When it’s done right, the best way to cook lobster is a question that only your taste buds can answer. Certain circumstances can also help determine which of the ways to cook lobster is best for you. The most common ways to cook lobster are boiling and steaming unless you’re a grill master. More details follow.

Boiled Fresh Lobster, Bridgeport CTBoiled Lobster

If you are a beginner, boiling is the best way to cook lobster. Begin by choosing a pot large enough for the heat to evenly circulate around the lobsters.

When cooking 2 small lobsters, a 4-quart or 5-quart pot should work. To boil half a dozen 1.5-pound lobsters, a 20-quart pot is recommended. A lighter gauge pot is preferable over a heavy-duty type because the water will boil faster. Boiling helps to ensure moist lobster meat whereas other methods of cooking can dry out the meat. Add ¼ cup of sea salt to each gallon of water used to boil the lobster—this makes a significant difference in flavor!

Boiling lobster as a cooking method is simplicity itself—it’s practically foolproof.

Steamed Lobster

No matter your experience level, you can’t go wrong steaming live lobsters. Lifting the lid from a pot with steaming lobsters adds punch to the effect. Every nose with a sense of smell will know that mouthwatering lobster is what’s for dinner! When steaming lobster, it is unnecessary to wait until the water boils. Another aspect of steaming
lobster is that you can add various seafood ingredients for a seafood boil. Cook times and temperatures differ according to the various foods in the mix. Getting everything right in a seafood boil is more complicated but worth the effort.

Grilled lobster, Rocky Hill CTGrilled Lobster

If you love a good barbeque, the best way to cook lobster is on the grill, obviously! The char flavor on lobster adds an additional wow factor to their already rich and satisfying flavor. The first step, though, is to humanely kill the lobster. Placing them in the freezer is arguably the best way because it puts the lobster to sleep before the end comes. Different chefs have their own secrets about getting the desired results from grilling lobster, and a few tips follow:

  • To maximize flavor, a split lobster is the best way to grill.
  • Baste both sides of the lobsters with a butter and olive oil mix before grilling.
  • First grill flesh side down for 5 to 7 minutes, then flip.
  • To minimize sticking, be sure to begin with a clean and well-preheated grill.
  • To keep the curve out of a lobster tail, threat a skewer through the tail prior to grilling.


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