What Seafood is Coming into Season

For fans of wild, fresh fish, it’s good to know what’s coming into season. Every year, the availability and cost of fresh seafood vary much during changing seasons. It’s also good to find a local fish market. Discerning seafood connoisseurs in Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island shop at City Fish Market for the freshest seafood in every season.

Fresh in Season Lobster in  Norwalk CTSeasonal Fish for All Seasons

The times and seasons go by like a flash. The best seasonal seafood coming into season is different from one coast and sometimes from one month to another. The following information about seasonal seafood on the east coast is from Dock to Plate:

  • Black drumfish – April through June
  • Bluefish – May through November
  • Blue Crab – April through October
  • Blue Crab Meat – May through November
  • Catfish – November through May
  • Clams – October through May
  • Croaker – March through December
  • Dolphin – May through October
  • Fluke (flounder) – October through May
  • Lobster – March through December
  • Monkfish – February through May
  • Oysters – October through March
  • Perch – February through April
  • Sea bass – April through June
  • Shark – May through November
  • Spot – May through October
  • Striped bass (rockfish) – June through November
  • Tuna – May- October
  • Weakfish – March through December

Seasonal Seafood in Summer

During the summer months, what’s coming into season on the east coast can set your mouth to watering. The following are some of the wild fish that are either in season or coming into season because it is summer.

Striped Bass

Wild striped bass, also known as rockfish, is a flavorful fish that goes superbly with many delectable summer seafood recipes. This firm, meaty white fish has a mild taste and wonderful versatility. Bake, broil, grill, or steam striped bass on the east coast when it is fresh and in season, from May to November. Try this 5-star recipe from Food&Wine: Broiled Striped Bass with Ginger-Scallion Oil

Mahi Mahi

Tropical fish mahi mahi is available to buy fresh in the summertime. This is a firm, lean white fish. The important thing to look out for when cooking mahi mahi is overcooking it. Mahi mahi can be grilled, broiled, pan-seared, and fried. Try this Italian Herb Mahi Mahi recipe found on the City Fish Market website.


When sardines are what’s coming into season, you’ve got something to get excited about. Sardines are elegant and full of flavor. The silver skin crisps in the heat, and sardines are easily served as the centerpiece of a light meal in summer. Sardines have a meaty texture and a mild, slightly fishy flavor. Give this recipe a try: Mediterranean Garlic and Herb Crusted Roasted Sardines.

Fresh Tilapia

Throughout spring and summer, fresh tilapia is a responsible and tasty choice. When tilapia is what’s in season, it’s time to think about irresistible recipes such as fish tacos, polenta, ceviche, and lettuce wraps. Try this great recipe for Crab Meat Stuffed Tilapia. Tilapia has a medium-firm, flaky texture, lean flesh, and a mild, sweet taste.

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