Why and How to Make Beer Battered Fish

FreIs there some kind of science behind the use of beer for batter-frying fish? Yes, there is, and simply read on for details on why and how to make beer battered fish. Alternate methods for cooking crispy battered fish are also mentioned below along with links to some of many online recipes for delicious, crispy beer battered fish. No matter which recipe you choose, the best place to start when planning fish for dinner is City Fish Market, where you can always count on seafood freshness.

Fresh Sea Food Norwalk, CTWhy Beer Battered Fish?

A crispy, flavorful batter that is resistant to going soggy is second only to the freshness of the seafood when it comes to enjoying fried fish. Other ingredients can be used for crispness, but the most discerning critics know the best option is to make beer-battered fish. For example, some chefs skip the bubbly quality of beer and go with baking powder, flour, and ice-cold water. Something is lacking, namely the soupçon of citric yeastiness in beer that works scrumptiously with fish.

Lagers and pilsners have a minimal quantity of alcohol at about 5% by volume. So, it’s not really about the alcohol, which cooks off, anyway, in the hot oil the fish is fried in. The beer bubbles have the sought-after quality. During the frying process, the carbonation provides lift as the bubbles escape from the batter. The acidic quality of beer prevents the batter from turning tough while limiting the amount of gluten that can form.

Why not champagne instead of beer if it’s about the bubbles? With champagne, the bubbles burst as they appear. Not so with beer, which has foaming agents that form a head when it is poured. The rate at which the bubbles burst is slowed by the foaming compounds in beer, such as wort protein, which helps in producing a long-lasting, frothy head.

Substitutes for Beer in Fish Batter

A bit of research was conducted among chefs, and it was proven that its bubbly quality is the reason beer is a star ingredient in winning battered fish recipes. Seltzer water and nonalcoholic beer such as O’Doul’s Amber make suitable substitutes for beer when cooking crispy battered fish. The distinct difference in flavor, however, is a good reason to stick with the favorite and make beer battered fish.

Fish Market Marlborough, CTThe Best Fish for Beer Battered Fish Recipes

Whether the batter you use contains beer or not, the following are the types of fish or seafood that work best when you are frying up a meal that may win you applause at the dinner table:

  • Alaskan Cod
  • Halibut
  • Tilapia
  • Striped Bass
  • Catfish
  • Trout
  • Perch
  • Shrimp (raw)

Recipes for Crispy Beer Battered Fish

The following are links to beer battered fish recipes that promise a crave-able coating, and more great seafood ideas can be found on our recipes page:

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