Stop Wrestling With Your Oysters!

Use our step-by-step easy opening method for oyster lovers


Hold oyster in left hand with cup side down. Use the pliers to cut off a portion of the feathered edge of the oyster as shown.


Carefully push oyster knife in through the opening made by the pliers cut. Take care to have the knife blade slide along top shell to prevent the oyster from being sliced or damaged.

Keeping the blade of the knife pressed firmly against the top shell, move handle from right to left along the top shell, cutting the adductor muscle free from the top shell.


When adductor muscle has been cut, place thumb over top shell above knife and lift the shell backward toward the hinge to remove the top shell.


Complete the process by placing the blade of knife under the oyster and cutting the adductor muscle free from the lower shell.

Now you can enjoy preparing your favorite oyster recipes

A safe, efficient method using 2 simple tools

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