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    Fresh Arctic Char Fillet$9.99 lb.
    Jumbo King Crab Legs$19.99 lb.
    Live Lobsters 1 1/4 lb.$7.99 lb.
    Valid Through: 10/06/15

    Fish Taco Wrap & Chips$7.99 + tax

    A Milestone

    June of 2010 was a great milestone for us; it  marked our 80th Anniversary. Thanks to our many loyal customers, we have come to enjoy a unique position in the market place.


    My family and I intend to continue to work very hard to maintain City Fish Market’s position by the continuation of the company’s traditions, accomplishments and capacities.

    With progressive family management and a dedicated workforce, we are a company determined to beat the competition on the basics.

    • Better Product!
    • Better Service!
    • Better backed in every way!

    Any business can “Cut Prices” for awhile, but we will continue to earn our reputation for high quality, dependable service and fair prices.  We’ve been doing it since 1930.

    In the past we have appreciated the opportunity to earn your confidence. We look forward to the privilege of serving you in the future. That is our vision.  We are ambitious. We are innovative. We have the resources, experience, and we want to serve you.


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