Why Buy Seafood at Your Local Fish Market?

Do you know about the benefits of buying seafood at your local fish market? Hold onto your hat because there are some great possibilities for boosting enthusiasm over seafood! Some reasons are practical regarding the superiority of fish markets over supermarkets as a seafood source. But there is so much more! 

City Fish Market is a wonderful example. You can get romantic talking about a fish market that has perfected the art of selling the freshest fish around for more than 93 years! They know seafood and they know fishermen’s tales. Most importantly, they consistently provide the best and freshest seafood for customers.

fresh caught salmon in wethersfield CTFrom the Sea to Thee

When you buy salmon, for instance, at a supermarket, it’s not likely you can find out when or how it was caught. Local fish markets, on the other hand, can tell you things like which boat the fish came from. There’s a pretty direct path from the ocean to the table. You want to have the freshest seafood so that you can serve your family the best version of the most tempting recipes. This is one of the most tangible benefits of buying seafood at your local fish market. Some of our favorite recipes to cook with our fresh seafood are: 

We Suggest You Ask These Questions

There’s no need to be hesitant about going to a fish market because we’ll tell you how to make it work. The following are great questions to ask when you go to a local fish market—don’t bother asking someone at a supermarket:

  • Can you show me the locally-caught seafood brought in this week?
  • What fish are in season right now, and how fresh is your supply?
  • What are your sources for getting seafood, and who do you buy from?
  • Do you know what boat this was caught on or, even better, the name of the fisherman who caught it?

The benefits of buying seafood at your local fish market are undeniable if you appreciate fresh seafood and good conversation.

fresh seafood recipes in Norwich CTCommunity Support

Your local fishing community is strengthened when you shop at your local seafood markets. You, in turn, can enjoy fresh seafood from your local dock. This helps the local economy because about 80% of our seafood in the U.S. comes from overseas. Local fishermen appreciate it when the fish markets they sell to—like City Fish Market–are thriving.

Shop at City Fish Market, Your Local Fish Market in CT

If you’ve never enjoyed the benefits of buying seafood at your local fish market, we hope you will visit us at 884 Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield, CT. At City Fish Market, you can ask us questions that you could never expect an answer to in a supermarket. We work with local fishermen and dependable sources, as needed, from remote locations. Our supply line is tight, so we can provide you with fresh lobster, octopus, shrimp, crabs, shark, sea bass, scallops, oysters, salmon, and much more.

Visit City Fish Market today, call us at 860-522-3129, or fill out our online form.

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