Move Over Turkey, Make Room for Seafood this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday all about the comfort of family, friends and food. Though turkey is the traditional centerpiece of the holiday, it Read more

You Could Live Longer by Eating More Seafood

Heath experts might not be able to point you towards the fountain of youth but they can say with more certainty what Read more

11 of the Best Fish to Eat for a Healthier Lifestyle

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. You can reduce your risk of Read more

How to Cook Perfect Calamari

Done right, fried squid, or calamari, is tender and sweet with just the right amount of crunch. If you don’t know how Read more

Should You Do the Seafood Challenge?

There is no better food trend to follow to improve your health than the Seafood Challenge. Unlike juicing or doing Whole30, you Read more

How to Reheat Seafood Leftovers Safely

You don’t have to throw out leftover fish fillets or shellfish after dinner. You can safely reheat seafood for up to Read more

Is Shellfish Good for You?

Have you ever wondered if the lobster tail or crab legs you love to indulge in are good for you? Or, Read more

Getting Enough of the Right Omega-3s to Improve Your Health?

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital fats that improve the health of your heart, brain and eyes. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty Read more

Cooking Tips for People Who Don’t Like Fish

Whether you want to improve your heart health, your sleep or your overall nutrition, adding fish into your diet is a smart choice. Read more

How to Make Perfect Crab Cakes

New England is famous for our decadent crab cakes. The best time to make these savory cakes is from June to August Read more

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