Pro Tips: What Types of Seafood Should You Buy for a Healthy Diet

If you aren’t a seafood aficionado, it can be hard to feel confident ordering seafood at the fish counter. Whether you want to know Read more

Best Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

Seafood is delicious and easy to prepare. We know that better than anyone else as New England natives. Eating seafood is a way Read more

Text Messaging Program for our customers…

City Fish wants to stay in touch with you! We value our customers, so here is another way to know Read more

Surprising Facts & Health Benefits About Fish

What’s Your School of Thought on Seafood? In the past decade, an extreme focus has been placed on the American Read more

Less Fish – Higher Prices

Less Fish – Higher Prices Starting May 1, 2010 new fishing regulations have gone into effect. These sweeping changes have Read more

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