Is Something Fishy About Your New Year’s Traditions?

New Year’s rituals are often designed to bring good luck. At City Fish Market, we propose that you’ll get lucky if there is something fishy about your New Year’s traditions. Side note: For those whose top New Year’s resolution is weight loss, eating fish–the leanest protein–makes so much sense! We think maybe the secret to establishing something fishy in New Year’s resolutions is to remove the fishy smell! It’s practically a no-brainer! Various traditions, tips, and ideas for the New Year follow, including ways to enjoy fish without worrying about the fishy smell.

cooking with mackerel in Glastonbury CTWhat Fish Have the Fishy Smell?

So, what are the fish perhaps not to incorporate into your New Year’s Traditions? Although not everyone wants to avoid these culinary delights, we have identified the ocean’s treasures with the fishiest smells. Topping the list is mackerel, which has an intensely fishy smell. By far, of all edible fishes, mackerel has the fishiest odor. Many say that when it is raw, salmon is among the fishiest-smelling fish. But, of course, wild-caught salmon is known for its rich, creamy taste. Anchovies have a very fishy flavor and are, in fact, at the top of the fishiness scale. 

If you try any of the following recipes, you may find yourself a fan of mackerel, salmon, and/or anchovies:

The Stinky Fish Challenge

Avoiding the smelly fish taste goes counter to popular New Year’s Eve practices in Scandinavian and European countries. Traditional New Year’s dishes include those featuring pickled herring, sardines, and carp. Each has a distinctively fishy smell, but they taste so good! Folks swear by these dishes, such as Swedish Pickled Herring. Sardines are also on the smelly end of the scale, but anyone who wants to enjoy sardines without that fishy taste might try Italian-Crusted Sardines. Try this Christmas Fried Carp recipe, which is a staple of Polish Christmas Eve dinners.

What are the Least Fishy-Smelling Fish?

There are many contenders for the least-fishy-smelling fish. Is this information just what you need to incorporate something fishy into your New Year’s Tradition? Mahi-mahi, for instance, should never smell fishy. The scent of fresh mahi-mahi fillets should be clean, almost neutral. Doesn’t making this healthy, lean protein part of your diet sound delish? 

fresh seafood market in Avon CTHere is a list of non-fishy fish along with some tempting recipes from the City Fish Market website:

Add a Trip to City Fish Market to Your New Year’s Traditions

What better way to start the year than with an inside tip on where to get the freshest seafood? City Fish Market is the place! Go to 884 Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield, CT, and find out for yourself! Seriously, you may decide to include something fishy in your New Year’s traditions after shopping our retail counters. Why not put fish at the top of your weekly menus to help fulfill your New Year’s resolution to get healthier?

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