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City Fish Market , USA 4.8 5.0 337 337


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Absolute PROs at Seafood

Aug 28, 2013 by 

These people know their fish, mollusks, and crustacean's!If I am feeding more than 2 I always go to City Fish.Knowledgeable, friendly and fast...they always point you in the right direction. The fact that they supply most of the better restaurants in the area confirm that they are fresh and good.

EVERYTHING 'FISHY' GOING ON HERE! Fish Market & Restaurant!

Jul 16, 2013 by 

WELL ESTABLISHED market that has been around for YEARS ! A VARIETY of FRESH fish of every kind available.
Small ' take out section' that you can now take into a section of the building to eat on the premises. Lobster rolls, clams, scallops, shrimp, fish n chips, calamari...etc...along with clam chowder.

BUT, I go here when I have a craving for MAINE LOBSTER ( the best on the planet) !
I usually get a 5-7 lbs and devour it at home with a couple of ice cold Stella's and butter.
Where else can you get a lobster that size for $6.99 or so a pound ? 50- 60 dollars ?
Most restaurants charge $25 for a 1 1/4 chix.

Nothing fancy at all if you 'eat in' here but its ALL good.

Oh btw ...Packed to the walls in the Market area just before major Holidays.

Extremely good quality

Jul 08, 2013 by 

This place stocks all the high end area restaurants such as the Max Group. If they go there, why won't you?

Thought so.

Great Chilean Sea Bass...throw it right on the grill with just a smattering of salt and pepper and it comes out as pure perfection...You will think you got it at DISH.

Awesome fish and chips platters!

Always have it fresh and in season, like scrod and soft shells.Don't expect to pay supermarket prices though.You want quality, you'll pay for it, and your tastebuds will thank you.

Amazing Lobster Roll!

Jun 22, 2013 by 

The best hot lobster roll in CT!

Fresh, like really fresh!

Jun 21, 2013 by 

Very fresh fish, large portions yummy! Lol

Whoa, how was I never told about this place before!

Jun 11, 2013 by 

I was taken here by a friend after we left the gym (what better activity to partake in than stuffing our faces after a good workout?).

We entered what looked to be a seafood storage facility, not very aesthetically pleasing, but that didn't bother me. They have a separate counter away from fresh seafood sales (at which they have an abundance of fresh fresh fresh fresh lookin' catch), at the prepared food counter theres a menu overhead. We both opted for the fish and chips, classic.

After a minimal wait, we picked up our boxes and they were HEAVY. These guys really stuffed these boxes well!

I was told that the upstairs dining area was new addition and what a great addition it is! Very quaint and clean looking area, feels like a totally separate area from downstairs. Also available here are a couple beers on draft for purchase.

The fish and chips were delish! So warm, so good, so so good. My only complaint is that they should give out their own house brand tartar sauce with the fish, but that's just me being picky.

Come here!

Freshest seafood in CT

Jun 06, 2013 by 

Daily caught fish shipped right from the docks! Excellent selection of all things sea. Huge portions from take out counter.


May 08, 2013 by 

We have been buying our fresh seafood here for a number of years. They have a marvelous selection and their display cases are immaculate and filled with about the freshest seafood around. We love steamer clams, and I would not even consider buying them anywhere but here.
However, we had a hankering for fried whole-belly clams, so we decided to try them at their restaurant. This is one item that really requires a good deep-fat fryer and something I would never consider making at home.
They were quite fresh but I have to agree with others that they were a bit greasy. I think they either needed a bit more draining before being placed in the basket, or perhaps a layer of an absorbent paper underneath to soak up the extra oil.
In fairness, this is the only item we tried, but I am convinced that one could not get seafood any fresher than here.
However, for us I would have to say that their strength lies in the fresh seafood in their market. They're a large outfit and sell both wholesale and retail, so it's got to be good and it is.

A Must- Go

May 08, 2013 by 

Ask them what's the best - they won't steer you wrong! Love this market!

Amazing lunch service.

Mar 29, 2013 by 

Hands down one of the best Fish n Chips I've ever had. i ate their Fish n Chips off & on for lunch for almost 8 years. Second only to lenny & joes..

City Fish Market, USA 4.8 5.0 337 337
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