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Must-Make Fall Fish Recipes

Change is everywhere in autumn, from the cooler weather and colorful leaves to the anticipation of coming holidays. With a menu change incorporating delicious fall fish recipes, you can also enjoy multiple benefits that further enhance current and future seasons. Boost the excitement of the fall season another notch by re-acquainting yourself with both the Read more

Best Sauces for Your Fish

Sauces are harmonious blends of ingredients such as stocks, herbs, aromatics, dairy products, and wine. The best sauces for your fish may be based on any of the various principles of sauce-making. Reduction is something all sauces have in common, and it involves cooking down various liquid ingredients so that they meld into a balanced Read more

Tips on When to Eat Your Favorite Fish

Your favorite seafood dish may make your mouth water, but did you know that when fish and crustaceans are eaten can have a direct impact on their sustainability? It’s somewhat similar to the way certain fruits and veggies have seasons, and, below, we have seasonal tips on when to eat your favorite fish. We’ll fillet Read more

Traditional End-of-Summer Seafood Boil – Tips!

End-of-summer seafood boils are beloved traditions in many coastal towns, including places in Connecticut. The scene is set with long paper-covered tables for dining in a rowdy communal style. Amid a cozy crowd, make a toast to bid adieu to summer while enjoying a memorably fun time that’s even pretty much hassle-free for the cooks! Read more

The Best Ways to Cook Shrimp

Shrimp is a scrumptious seafood choice, but it’s possible to encounter rubbery, overcooked shrimp at the dinner table. The best ways to make shrimp, which follow, include chef secrets that can help you avoid mishaps. Shrimp may be small shellfish, but it’s a big opportunity lost when preparation falls short of the possibilities. Foundational Tips Read more

Healthy Salmon Seasonings

Salmon, a large and fatty fish, has a buttery, rich flavor. The options for adding healthy salmon seasonings are numerous. A favorite among seafood lovers, salmon is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein. Among its appealing features is that you can fry and eat the skin. The following are some ideas for preparing Read more

The Best Way to Cook Lobster

If your question on how best to cook lobster is based on unsuccessful attempts, you may be among the 50% of people who buy live lobsters but don’t know how to correctly proceed from there. When it’s done right, the best way to cook lobster is a question that only your taste buds can answer. Read more

Red Snapper on the Grill

Red snapper has a lean, moist white meat with a sweet, nutty flavor that stands up well to strong seasonings. Because it has a firm texture, red snapper on the grill is among the options in cooking methods. Go ahead and bake, broil, poach, steam, or sauté red snapper to get great health benefits. But Read more

Delicious and Easy Seafood Meals for Pescatarians

It’s not hard to stick with eating fish and no meat. That’s because delicious and easy seafood meals for pescatarians are available in abundance. As a pescatarian, you can add vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy to the ingredients in appetizing meals. The following are links to delicious pescatarian meals to whet your appetite. Southern Style Read more

Fish to Eat for a Good Dose of Omega-3s

Eating fish is among the healthiest choices you can make for your diet, especially when you know the best types of fish to eat. The omega-3 fatty acids-rich foods caught from salty and clear waterways are the only sources of essential fats our bodies need. Brain health and reduced inflammation are among the tremendous benefits Read more

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